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Basic sizing sheet

Fill out form and send to:  e-mail to   When measuring use a soft tape measure and a trusted friend.  Wear any undergarments that would make a difference in measurements such as a corset, petticoat or hoop.   Also measure the hem length wearing the shoes you plan to wear.   We keep your sizing pages on file for future reference, and all measurements are confidential.  Please be truthful about your measurements to insure a better fit.

Simple sizing

A.Chest (not bra size)___________________________



D.Underarm (from under arm to wrist with arm stretched out to the side)____________________________

E.Back bodice (from nape of the neck to the waist)______________________________

F.Front (from the top of the shoulder midway between neck and top of arm to the waist)_________________

G.Backfull length (from nape of neck to where you want the hem_________________________________

    E(back bodice) + H (skirt length) = G(back full length).   Re-measure back and skirt if necessary)

H.Skirtlength (from waist over the hip to where you want the hem) ___________________

I. Inside pants seam length (for bloomers or pants)

J.Outside pants seam length (for bloomers or pants)




Basic Childrens Sizes

BasicWomens Sizes